GUR-701 innovative drug for the treatment of Alopecia


First-in-class molecule

GUR-701 passed clinical proof of concept. It is first-in-class innovative drug candidate created by our Prostaglandin & Nitric Oxide research platform for the treatment of alopecia. Active pharmaceutical ingredients are innovative set of modified prostaglandins E1, E2 and F2 alpha.

Clinical proof of concept

The product is registered and marketed in the local market of Eastern Europe as a functional cosmetic and is used by over 3,000 patients.

Advanced development stage

The project passed clinical proof of concept (PoC). Clinical trials with FDA started in US. Registration in EU with INCI is in process.

Superior efficacy in short-term and long-term

- After 3 months our product increases hair density by 18%-20%
- After 6 months - 30%-35%
- After 12 months - 40%-50%

A prospect to be a new gold standard

  • For 6 months, GUR-701 increases hair density 2 times more than Minoxidil ("gold standard" in trichology).
  • After 6 months, GUR-701 continues to significantly increase hair density, but Minoxidil stops working.