GUR-701 innovative drug for the treatment of Alopecia


Potential drug

GUR-701 is a potential drug against hair loss (alopecia).

Topical use

The drug will be for topical use (serum)


GUR-701 passed pilot clinical trials in 100 patients (Eastern Europe). Preclinical studies completed in Eastern Europe.

Novel molecules

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) are 3 molecules. These molecules are modified prostaglandins E1, E2 and F2

Unmet medical need

  • There are still no effective drugs for hair loss treatment in the world.
  • By the age of 35 over 65% of American men experience hair loss*.
  • Around 50% of hair loss patients are women*

*Source: The American Hair Loss Association

Superior efficacy

  1. Increase in number of hairs is around 25% for 6 months
  2. No side effect
  3. Response rate is above 90%

Excellent safety

  • GUR-701 has not showed side effects in patients.

Intellectual property

Patents claim submitted worldwide.


Market 2027 = $13 billion