Prostaglandin & Nitric Oxide research platform

Technological leadership

Gurus BioPharm has a unique technology for generating innovative drugs. Our Prostaglandin & Nitric Oxide research platform modifies prostaglandins by Nitric Oxide donor and generates multi-target first-in-class drugs.

Advantage # 1: action to all key biotargets

Our drugs are multi-target and they act on all key bio-targets involved in the pathology in which combined activity of prostaglandins and NO is very beneficial.

Advantage # 2: synchronous action

Molecules created by the Platform act synchronously on major key biological targets, which provides a very powerful effect. For synchronous action, there must be one molecule with several pharmacophores.

Advantage #3: efficiency does not drop in long-term

Molecules that our Platform makes consist of parts that our body produces, so these modified molecules do not decrease the therapeutic effect with long-term use as a drug. Evolution has made it so that sensitivity of our body receptors to regulatory molecules of our organism does not decrease for decades.

Advantage # 4: nearly zero toxicity

Our molecules and all its metabolites are produced by our body, so they have nearly zero toxicity at a wide window of therapeutic doses.

Advantage # 5: very low failure risk

We significantly improve the properties of our body's regulatory molecules, which become more competent and efficient, maintaining an excellent safety profile. Thus, the risk that new drugs will fail in clinical trials is very low.