GUR-1001 innovative drug to treat Glaucoma and retina ischemia


First-in-class molecule

GUR-1001 is a first-in-class innovative drug candidate generated by our Prostaglandin & Nitric Oxide research platform for the treatment of glaucoma and retina ischemia caused by glaucoma and other diseases. This molecule is prostaglandin F2 alfa (PGF2α) modified with the amino acid serine.

New set of targets

  • FP receptor for PGF2α
  • Prostamide receptor for PGF2α
  • Endogenous NO synthase for nitric oxide production

Mechanism of action

GUR-1001 markedly reduces intraocular pressure and has a neuroprotective anti-ischemic effect on the retina, restoring blood supply.


  • Existing glaucoma drugs do not cure retina ischemia, but GUR-1001 does.
  • Existing glaucoma medications have a lot of side effects due to worse safety profile, but GUR-1001 has superior safety profile.