Preclinical studies

Gurus BioPharm LLC is a research division of Gurus group, a resident of Skolkovo Fund. Gurus BioPharm develops both in-house projects and externally originated projects in innovative drug development starting from the very early stage of scientific research 

Development of projects originated inside Gurus

Gurus develops its own active molecules synthesized by research platform of Noxi Lab. The technology of Noxi Lab based on linking of nitric oxide donors to endogenous bioregulators such as prostaglandins, hormones, and other well-known pharmaceutical substances to improve their efficiency and safety (to remove side effects) 

Development of projects originated outside Gurus

Gurus develops projects originated by universities and provides preclinical trials and clinical studies starting from the early stage of scientific research 

Preparing for preclinical studies

Once the project is selected, Gurus invests in the project to prepare it for preclinical studies. For this joined team of Gurus and inventors performs tests on animal models and strengthening intellectual property. Then Gurus invests a part of venture capital itself and raise other part of capital outside to run preclinical and clinical trials. Gurus team executes and manages all stages of drug development 

Preclinical studies

Gurus invest a part of venture capital itself and raise another part of the capital from outside investors to launch preclinical studies. Team of Gurus provides preclinical studies in line with GLP, in partnership with local and foreign research institutes and  contract research organizations (CRO).