NO platform allows you to synthesize original hybrid molecules consisting of pharmaceutically active compounds (API), prostaglandins (PG) and nitric oxide donors (NO-donors)
Main News
* Gurus successfully completed preclinical trials of asthma treatment drug * Magazine Kommersant published an article about promising multifunctional drug candidates of Gurus BioPharm * Gurus raises $0.7M for preclinical trials of a drug for asthma

Mission, History and Principles

What we do

Gurus is group of companies, developing innovative drugs comprising small private life sciences venture fund and research laboratories. We finance and develop groundbreaking Russian biopharmaceutical innovations from the early stages to commercialization at the global market. We provide an opportunity for private investors to co-invest with us in cutting-edge innovations that can change current standards of healthcare in the world.


We develop innovative drugs to restore the human health and quality of life in chronic diseases. We believe in the great potential of the Russian science and contribute to the creation of a new Russian innovative economy. We help scientists to turn their idea into a drug. We offer the projects in the most profitable and fastest growing industry in the world for investors. Our business unites these aspirations. 


Gurus BioPharm was founded in 2011 by enthusiasts which have industrial, scientific and commercial experience, and who dreamed of creating a mechanism for commercializing Russian biopharmaceutical projects.
In 2005 Igor Teterin founded a consulting company Gurus which started to performed M&A transactions and capital raising for small and middle companies, later Gurus started to lead consulting projects for pharmaceutical companies on valuation of drug candidates, due diligence, business valuation, and marketing research of the pharmaceutical market.
In 2008 Igor Lyubimov completed work at the government research institute and continued his career with private life sciences investment firms and pharmaceutical contract research organizations on managerial positions. 
In late 2010, our ways crossed and we united into a one team.

Our differences

Unlike traditional venture funds, we conduct scientific research as a part of our business. So projects coming to Gurus venture fund have a long development history in R&D units of Gurus hence we now each project well and can select the best.
Traditional venture funds are financial organizations which do not do any research business. So, the traditional VC funds start analyzing startups after they came into fund that is several months before the investment and have no history of exploring the project in the lab. This practice does not always allow necessary depth of project study.

Investment Approach

By investing in innovative start-up, the investor gives a chance to be born for a new product or technology, and thus contributes to the development of civilization and progress. In addition to income, the investor links his name with a discovery that changes the world.
By investing in the "blue chip" stocks or long-established public companies the investor, in fact, buys shares from the previous investor on the secondary securities market. This deal only redistributes the margin between the old investor and the new one, but neither raises a capital for the issuing company, nor creates a new product or new technology and therefore does not lead to progress.
Of course, the primary and secondary securities markets cannot exist without each other, as the secondary market is needed to maintain the liquidity of the shares. Nevertheless, some investments build the progress, some investments don’t.
Drug development is a long-term process, which assumes a long-term alliance of investors, scientists and management team. We are developing collaboration with investors who share our values.

Our companies

Gurus BioPharm, LLC is a research and development company that incubates early stage biopharmaceutical projects and then provides preclinical studies and clinical trials
Noxi Lab, LLC is research platform that generates innovative drug candidates (active molecules) using a proprietary technology based on nitric oxide donors linked to endogenous bioregulators such as prostaglandins or hormones
Gurus BioVenture is a small private life sciences venture fund that provides for a private investor to invest small money into capital intensive and compels innovative drug development projects