How it works

Gurus is first company on the Russian market which offers private investors a convenient mechanism for investments in breakthrough biomedical innovation. This is an interesting alternative to investing in stocks of large public companies, real estate and other popular assets of pre-crisis era. Biomedical investors provide vital medicines and medical technologies for millions of people. Biomedical investors link their names with the discovery which changes the world. It is no coincidence that investments in life sciences are one of the fastest growing and highly profitable industries in the world. Now this market has been created in Russia.


The old way of investing

 It is hard to analyze projects

Biomedical innovations are very complex, because the human body is the most complex system in the world. They require competencies in medicine, biology, chemistry, technology, and knowledge of the pharmaceutical market, patenting, regulatory requirements.

To select the best project it is necessary to analyze dozens of projects. An investor does not always have all the competencies at once or necessary time capacity.


It is hard to finance projects

Biopharmaceutical projects are very capital-intensive. Several millions of dollars are needed to develop the project up to the exit on the local market and several dozens of millions of dollars for the global market.


 It is hard to manage projects

To manage biopharmaceutical project is extremely difficult. Research programs for efficacy and safety, pharmaceutical formulation, the choice of animal models of pathologies and design of clinical trials are specific to each dosage form and therapeutic area and at the same time are strongly regulated by FDA, EMA and local regulators. The strategy of patent protection of medicines has many subtle moments

Not always an investor and a team of scientists have all these competences in full

Investing with Gurus

Professional expertise of projects

urus provides a multi-stage selection procedure for projects, using the competence of the management team, leading scientists, physicians and experts from the pharmaceutical business.

We confirm our choice by investing our own money in the project


It is easy to finance projects

Investing with the Gurus, the investor can buy small stakes for small money in several projects thus ensuring diversification

Gurus provides major part of investment in biomedical projects


Professional project management

Gurus provides professional project management.

Deep involvement in R&D allows us to optimally manage every stage of the project.

There are several projects under our managements, in which Gurus is a lead investor.

If you are interested please contact:

Igor Teterin,


Gurus BioPharm LLC