NO platform allows you to synthesize original hybrid molecules consisting of pharmaceutically active compounds (API), prostaglandins (PG) and nitric oxide donors (NO-donors)
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* Gurus successfully completed preclinical trials of asthma treatment drug * Magazine Kommersant published an article about promising multifunctional drug candidates of Gurus BioPharm * Gurus raises $0.7M for preclinical trials of a drug for asthma

03.09.2014  Gurus raises $0.8M for preclinical trials of a drug for correction of cognitive disorders

Gurus BioPharm raises a capital to start preclinical trials of original drug candidate GUR-801 enhancing cognitive functions in Alzheimer's disease patients.

About GUR-801
GUR-801 is original drug candidate, which showed high efficacy in enhancing cognitive functions in animal models (scopolamine-induced amnesia, Morris water maze). High activity of GUR-801 is due to the simultaneous effect on two biotargets involved in the mechanisms of storing information which are NMDA and AMPA receptors. The drug is expected to have esterase activities and mitochondrial protection effect. In case of specific efficacy confirmation in further research, GUR-801 can be an effective drug for enhancing cognitive function in patients with various types of dementias, including Alzheimer's disease.