NO platform allows you to synthesize original hybrid molecules consisting of pharmaceutically active compounds (API), prostaglandins (PG) and nitric oxide donors (NO-donors)
Main News
* Gurus successfully completed preclinical trials of asthma treatment drug * Magazine Kommersant published an article about promising multifunctional drug candidates of Gurus BioPharm * Gurus raises $0.7M for preclinical trials of a drug for asthma

For Startups

Gurus selects advanced Russian biopharmaceutical innovations that have the potential to sufficiently change current standards of healthcare in the world. We created an efficient mechanism of developing projects starting from early stage when the new idea just showed first promising results in the lab. Advanced expertise, deep involvement in R&D process, harmonious collaboration between Gurus and inventors as a one team, capital-efficient mechanisms that we created make possible for Gurus to develop efficiently very early stage projects, when it is the most difficult for the project to prove its potential and get venture capital for further development.

Once the project is selected, Gurus invests in the project to prepare it for preclinical studies. For this joined team of Gurus and inventors performs tests on animal models and strengthening intellectual property. Then Gurus invests a part of venture capital itself and raise other part of capital outside to run preclinical and clinical trials. Gurus team executes and manages all stages of drug development.   We run drug development in line with GLP, GCP standards in partnership with local and foreign research institutes and  contract research organizations (CRO). For some projects we create R&D alliances with pharmaceutical company or collaborate with venture fund for co-investments.

When proof of concept (POC) is shown in clinical trials, Gurus team plans to exit the project through M&A or out-licensing or may decide to develop it further by yourself

If you have an interesting project , do not send confidential information on it:

Igor Lyubimov, Ph.D.

CEO, partner

Gurus BioPharm LLC